Katy Jane Measures: Artist

KatyJaneHello I’m Katy…

I am a Designer/Maker based in Slaithwaite, Huddersfield.  I specialise in ceramics, illustration, print, paper crafts and textiles.

Throughout my crafts and art work, I aim to change the context of found and recycled objects; whether it is finding a new purpose for unwanted books or creating narratives using my porcelain figures.   I intend to capture the beauty that is no longer seen in unused objects.  This concept is also what draws me to making with clay; using a raw and natural material to create something new and beautiful.  I aim to celebrate how aged and recycled objects can be revived into a new and innovative creation.

Throughout my figurative illustrations I am greatly influenced by children’s drawings and how they lack perspective and proportion. They are not realistic images, however, with our symbolic awareness as human beings, we are able to recognise the qualities of a figure within ourselves. I believe these imprecisions are something to be admired.

To view more of my figurative illustrations click here