Hello I’m Katy Jane,

I am an Artist originally from West Yorkshire, England and currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Growing up in Yorkshire, I have been spoilt by the beauty of the countryside as my landscape, which offers a wealth of opportunity to explore nature and walks right on my doorstep.

I love that moment when you are on top of a mountain and you can breathe in the fresh air while taking in the stunning views around you, but it’s the small details within nature that really influence my creative process; the rustling of leaves in and amongst the trees and discovering unique textures, shapes and colours along the way.

I am greatly inspired by nature and exploring the different textures and surroundings that lie within it. I enjoy the outdoors and exploring new places by hiking, cycling or skiing, so I was incredibly excited to be given the opportunity to move to Scotland and explore its spectacular scenery.


I graduated with a BA Hons Degree in ceramics in 2011, though consider print and paper craft a significant part of my art work. My current work is inspired by nature; textures and patterns taken from my travels. With my knowledge in graphic design, I combine repetitive shapes and forms to create naturalistic images. I use monoprint and stencil techniques to apply these images onto slab built forms.


Alongside my art work and I am a qualified Teacher. I am passionate about encouraging art throughout the community. Art is such a great tool to bringing community together and not only improve peoples learning but mental health and transferable skills. Throughout my teaching career I have run many projects within communities, with the aim of improving their overall wellbeing and creative opportunities.  Find more about my projects by viewing my CV and more images below.