Kiln Hire in Edinburgh

Pottery kiln hire available in Edinburgh, perfect for hobbyists or small batch potters. The kiln is an electric Rohde Ecotop and has the capacity of 43L.

Internal sizes: 400mm x 340mm
Shelf sizes: 300mm


Up to 1060C: £20
Up to 1200C: £25
Up to 1300C: £30

An additional fee of £15 per hour will be charged if technical assistance is required to fire the kiln (i.e. packing & unloading the kiln). Longer firings or different programming will incur extra costs.

I cannot take responsibility for any damage to your pieces during the firing or handling process. If damage to the kiln or kiln furniture occurs, you may be liable for costs of repair.

Please get in touch to arrange your kiln hire or if you have any more questions