Clay gift tags – exploring different textures

I have designed this free workshop to share with those families in isolation/lock down with their kids during the Covid19 outbreak. This particular activity is great for those children missing other family members during this difficult period – why not make gifts for loved ones for when you next see them again!

Find full demo on video below.

This is perfect if you can get hold of some air dry clay as you can keep it to give as gifts but play doh is also great for entertainment. Here I have used porcelain as it’s all I have at home, do not order this as it will need firing.

I have tried to use every day objects you can find around your home to imprint into the clay – tea towels, utensils, plastic bottle lids anything with a texture. Also if you don’t have any cookie cutters, anything with an edge will work, bottle lids, jars, toilet roll inside!!

Once the clay is dry, you can also paint the tags to add an extra activity to your time together!

– This activity can get messy so make sure you and your children aren’t in their favourite clothes
– When rolling the clay out into a slab, keep turning the clay to avoid it sticking to the surface
– Use a wooden surface, not varnished. Here I have used a chopping board.
– Adding a hole means once dry you can add a bit of twine to make into a hanging tag (I don’t normally use a pen to do this! I’ve just done it to promote using stuff at home)
– You are responsible for your children, make sure they don’t eat the clay, poke objects into their eyes, stuff the clay up their noses. I cannot take any responsibility of how you run this activity in your own homes. This is a free workshop I’m just sharing 
– You can find air dry clay from Amazon, eBay, hobbycraft etc. Follow the instructions on the packaging for drying time etc

Anyway hopefully this will help you a little and keep the creativity running throughout your homes. I’ll try come up with some more ideas 

Take care xxx

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