Origami butterfly tutorial – option to paint

Another fabulous family activity to share with you all, but this time we are looking at paper crafts!


Materials needed: paper (cut down to square), paint, scissors, objects (lying around your house) to apply paint onto surface.

These butterflies are not only great project for kids, but you could adapt this technique to make personal decorations or favours at your wedding.

Very simple but effective technique


– To begin with ensure you have a square piece of paper, whatever size, you can go as big as small as you like!

– The option to paint, I added this to teach children about the use of symmetry as this is something that you think of when you visualise a butterfly (well I do). Creating a symmetrical pattern/surface at the beginning right through to the 3D butterfly at the end.

– Fold the paper before applying paint – makes it a lot easier. Also when folding the paper in half to print the paint on the other side, ensure you ‘pat’ the paper rather than ‘rub’ as this can make the paint smear.

– You can use any kind of paper for this, I tried it out with card or sugar paper.

– Use materials you have lying around your house I used a jar and tube to imprint, you could also use other object with textures, fabric, cutlery etc – just don’t use anything too precious

Anyway, thank you for watching, happy crafting!!

Enjoy xxx

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